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From project ideas to true impact

It all starts with your existing projects/new project ideas, we will have experienced professionals to access and evaluate the idea, plan and execution in all aspects, we welcome all submission of great project ideas that is in need of funding and help along the way to deliver true impact.

Enriched engagement for the under privileged

Artribute offers a unique opportunity for businesses, charities, and underprivileged individuals to come together and create meaningful change. By participating in our platform, businesses can enhance their corporate social responsibility efforts, increase brand visibility, access creative resources, expand their network, and make a positive social impact. Charities benefit from submitting their projects or ideas to our platform through increased funding opportunities, expert evaluation, enhanced visibility, networking opportunities, and access to valuable resources. Additionally, our platform promotes enhanced engagement with underprivileged individuals, allowing them to participate in the creation of art, develop skills, gain confidence, build social connections, experience personal growth, and contribute to their communities. Join us in making a difference through art collaborations and charitable initiatives.

Access to Funding $

Artribute helps you connect with wide network of potential funders, including individual donors, foundations, and corporate sponsors with contract bounded. By submitting your projects or ideas to us, your chances of securing funding for great project initiatives increased.

Blockchain monitoring

By applying blockchain technology to monitor and audit the results of charity projects funded by our platform, we bring enhanced transparency, accountability, and efficiency to the charity sector. With blockchain, we provide a transparent and immutable ledger that allows donors to track the flow of funds and ensure their contributions are used as intended. This increased transparency builds trust and confidence among donors, while also reducing administrative costs for charities. Auditing becomes more streamlined and efficient, and overall operations are optimized.

Join us in leveraging blockchain technology to make a greater impact and foster trust in charitable initiatives!

Let’s make social impact together